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As one of the biggest towns located in Essex, Wickford combines its rural location with a big population, living across an array of traditional Essex homes and new builds which have been erected to meet the growing needs of the expanding town.

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To make your home stand out from the rest, whether you live in a traditional build or one of the newer constructions, you need to combine innovative design trends with the features which make your house a home and which match it to your personality – and that’s where our fitted bedroom suppliers in Wickford come in.

With an eye to the details which render a home personal and entirely your own, our team work to fit bedrooms of all shapes and sizes with the kind of bespoke features and aspects which not only contribute towards the functionality of the space but also the way it is presented. Whether you like to keep your bedroom clutter-free or showcase your possessions on an array of surfaces and shelving units, our storage solutions combined with layout templates and bespoke details let you bring the room to life in a way that best suits you.

Why bespoke bedrooms are better in Wickford

If there’s one thing that homeowners across Essex and beyond covet more than anything, it’s more storage space. Whether in the form of integrated cupboards and drawers, or wardrobes which are built to fit the space available, our team take your needs and transforms them into actionable structures and real solutions which ensure the space is free to be used as you please.

As part of this, we work with our clients to ensure that they recognise the value of free floor space and blank walls as well as fittings and details. From making a space feel bigger and more open, to contributing towards the flexibility of movement within a certain room or space in the home, we understand the balance between clear space and furnishings – and translate our expertise in such a way that clients can use existing templates or build their own from scratch using our tips and advice.

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How do we craft bespoke bedroom fittings in Wickford?

Once we understand what you want in terms of both the finer details and the overarching design of your bespoke and tailored bedroom, we take the brief and measurements away with us and construct your fittings and furnishings in our own workshop. Our fitted bedroom suppliers in Wickford will then arrive to install your bedroom, working with you to create and deliver all the finishing touches – or handing the reigns back over to you if you’re keen to renovate and complete the space yourself.

From the very first consultation through to the completion of the project, a bespoke bedroom installation in Wickford is the best way to optimise the use of space available and deliver a finished result which is as stylish as it is functional.



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