Bespoke Fitted Bedrooms

If there’s one room in the home that is wholly built around the homeowner and user, it’s the bedroom.

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From the way you allow light to fall into the room from morning through to night, to the position of your bed, the placement of decorative accessories, and the added furnishings all which transform your bedroom into a space that is truly your own. You have the complete power to create a unique space of private, relaxing moments. And what better way to curate a bedroom which ticks all those boxes and more, than with a bespoke fitted bedroom complete with optimised storage solutions, enticing features, and an eye for the design that makes you tick.

Timeless bedroom layouts

With the bedroom being the sacred place where you rest your head at the end of each day, it needs to exude a sense of peace and tranquillity. While many bedroom furnishings are designed to capture interior trends and play into the different moods that homeowners are hoping to bring to life throughout their space, the very design and build of the space itself needs to maximise the use of floor space and allow for free-flowing movement – from bed to windows, and from wardrobes to the door. When you work with our bespoke fitted bedroom experts, we will encourage you to consider the value of free and empty space in your bedroom – striking the perfect balance between sufficient decorative furnishings and storage but without turning your personal space into a maze of movement.

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Declutter your room with our bedroom storage solutions

No matter how much storage space you think you need, when it comes to fitting a bedroom, our advice is to add more than you think you need. And with a fitted bedroom specialist, this couldn’t be easier to achieve.

Say goodbye to useless indentations, standalone wardrobes, and chest of drawers which dominate an entire section of wall; and hello to wardrobes that are fit for purpose and designed to suit the space they fill. Available as floor to ceiling structures, cut and finished in the exact shape of the space they have been created to fill, a bespoke wardrobe cleans up the lines of a bedroom and presents that finished aesthetic of a home filled with love. After all, don’t your clothes and possessions deserve the best?

It’s all in the details

The details and features are what make each bedroom project and fitted bedroom installation task unique and completely unlike the next. Whether it’s the colour of the walls and the way it runs into the fitted storage solutions, or the use of panelling on the surrounding walls to mimic the wardrobe doors and allows them to blend into the room as a whole, our team are full of ideas that will give your space the clean finish it needs to become your very own oasis.

Let your bedroom become the room of your dreams, rather than just a room that you dream in.



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