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As an old fishing village in the heart of the Essex, Maldon bridges the gap between old and new homes with ease and style – combining its old worldly charm, cobbled streets, and antique settings and landscapes with new build homes, a plethora of semi-detached and detached properties, and a wide array of terraced homes and flats.

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With something for everyone available, it follows that kitchen fitters in Maldon are exceptionally busy adding life to the heart of the home – but here’s why we believe that you should opt for a bespoke fitted kitchen for your house.

As the most-used room in the home, there are all sorts of considerations which need to be made when designing and fitting a kitchen – and almost all of them relate directly to your household, your family life, the lifestyles that you lead, and the amount of space you have available. The storage solutions, cabinets, and fitted features which work for one home are unlikely to perfectly complement the next, so it’s crucial to recognise the value of having a kitchen which is tailored to your needs, rather than trying to slot an existing design and style into your available space.

Why we recommend bespoke fitted kitchens in Maldon

When you invest in a bespoke fitted kitchen, our fitted kitchen suppliers in Maldon will work with you to not only select the best materials and collate the ideal finishes for your space but will also talk you through the different considerations you need to make in terms of functionality, the balance of space, and how you want to infuse the kitchen with your personality and preferences.

Starting with our kitchen templates, we will assess the space available and make recommendations based on how much floor space you have to play with, as well as the height of the room and features such as doorways and windows – where they are placed, and how their placement impacts the layout and usability of the room. From there, the fitted kitchen installation process revolves around matching your preferences with the available materials which fall into your budget, and which complement and work within your space – with our team carrying the job from conception and design through to completion on your behalf.

Handleless Kitchens

Introuducing our ultra modern Handleless kitchen ranges.

Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchen doors, drawers and cabinets.

Slab Kitchens

Our slab kitchen ranges offer you a simple yet classy feel.

Traditional Kitchens

Offering something a little more traditional. 

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Is bespoke kitchen design right for you?

The biggest thing you need to know about bespoke kitchen design with the Kitchen & Bedroom Studio is that we work alongside each and every client, ensuring that their house goals and dreams are met with realistic ideas and design concepts which will work, which elevate the value of the property, and which render the space more usable and stylish.

From ensuring clutter-free worktops to optimising storage solutions and ensuring that even the weirdest corner angles and high ceilings are utilised efficiently, our team of bespoke kitchen fitters in Maldon are here to make your house a home. 



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