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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s where dinner parties, family meals, end-of-day catch-ups and long-awaited coffees with your best friends will take place. As such, having a kitchen which meets all your needs is key – both from an aesthetic perspective and in terms of functional use and layout.

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A fitted kitchen is a solution which marries the layout and configuration of your existing kitchen with solutions which have been tailor-made with your space in mind. With homes in Bedford spanning terraced houses, townhouses, rural retreats, and both large and small flats and apartments, our fitted kitchen suppliers across Bedford have seen it all – and are well-versed in identifying the key features that the smallest and largest kitchens need to really bring them to life.

Here’s why a fitted kitchen could be the best investment in your home this year.

The benefits of a fitted kitchen

With the kitchen being such an integral setting for meal prep, morning routines, downtime in the evenings, and entertaining groups of friends and relatives, the layout must maximise both the floor plan and the way you use and move about the space.

A fitted kitchen is designed with you in mind and sees our designers and fit specialists connect your specific needs and preferences with the layout of the setting and how it is presented. From integrating appliances into your cabinets to exploring the potential for countertop accessories and wall-mounted fittings, a fitted kitchen is one where every inch of the space is used to achieve the maximum balance in aesthetics and functional layout. For some, this means clearing storage away from ground level and utilising the height of the space to greater effect. For others, it means spacing out the worktops and surfaces in a more space-efficient way, collating storage into specific areas rather than breaking up the flow of the kitchen with a multitude of shelves and cabinets.

What’s more, a fitted kitchen can be designed with your theme and decoration in mind, with colour palettes, materials, and textures which complement the space. Not only is this a space efficient way of connecting the design and usability of your kitchen, but it is also cost-effective and makes the heart of your home a more enjoyable room in which to spend time.

Handleless Kitchens

Introuducing our ultra modern Handleless kitchen ranges.

Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchen doors, drawers and cabinets.

Slab Kitchens

Our slab kitchen ranges offer you a simple yet classy feel.

Traditional Kitchens

Offering something a little more traditional. 

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How our fitted kitchen suppliers bring your kitchen goals to life

When you get in touch with the Kitchen & Bedroom Studio, our team of fitted kitchen suppliers and installation specialists will use your brief and their own skills and experience to create a layout and floorplan which connects user experience and design flair.

Inspired by the existing layout of your kitchen, you will find that a fitted kitchen highlights rather than conceals the architectural and natural features of your home – ensuring that every inch of the space is used to great effect.

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For more information on past projects and the impact our fitted kitchens have had on homeowners across Bedford and beyond, and to learn more about the templates and materials we work with, browse our website or get in touch directly.

We are an independent kitchen specialist with a wealth of experience within the fitted kitchen industry. Our expertise is with you all the way, from our initial FREE design service right through to installing your dream kitchen Bedfordshire Kitchen Studio.



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