Bespoke Fitted Kitchens in Essex

The interior style market has seen an uplift in interest since the pandemic, encouraging homeowners from all walks of life to invest in and focus on the look, feel, and finish of their home. But now the experts have arrived.

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Our bespoke fitted kitchen team in Essex have worked across homes of all shapes and sizes – not only breathing life back into the kitchen, but designing and perfecting a broad and diverse array of features and finishes that tick our clients’ boxes and leave them with a space that they can feel proud to cook in. From handle-less cabinets and cupboards, to cohesive surface and wall coverings, country-style traditional kitchens, and modern spaces with integrated appliances and hidden storage solutions, no brief is too complex for The Kitchen & Bedroom Studio team. Here’s how you can bring your Essex kitchen back to life and give the heart of your home the upgrade it deserves.

The benefits of a fitted kitchen

Essex is home to some of the most coveted towns and villages on the UK buyer market, with proximity to both the city of London and the countryside driving buyers from all over the country into Essex in search of their perfect home. One of the benefits you’ll find with fitted kitchen installations is the use of space and the way that a bespoke kitchen and tailormade design both looks and feels as if it was made with the space itself front of mind.

Rather than placing appliances on unused sideboards and working new features and finishes into the existing structure of a tired kitchen, our fitted kitchen suppliers in Essex ensure that everything benefits from that polished look and precise fit that presents an elegant and luxurious aesthetic. And you don’t have to be moving house or viewing a new home to consider a fitted kitchen.

Handleless Kitchens

Introuducing our ultra modern Handleless kitchen ranges.

Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchen doors, drawers and cabinets.

Slab Kitchens

Our slab kitchen ranges offer you a simple yet classy feel.

Traditional Kitchens

Offering something a little more traditional. 

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Could a fitted kitchen work in your space?

Our team are experts in reimagining existing kitchen spaces, giving you floorspace you didn’t know you had and opening up a closed layout to allow for a free-flow of movement and style throughout the kitchen.

Using a blend of our experience and your kitchen inspiration and imagination, we pride ourselves in being able to take even the blandest of interior spaces and transform it – removing unwanted cabinets and replacing them with integrated storage solutions which not only match but blend perfectly into the structure of the space.

Your dream kitchen is just a few clicks away

Located in Essex, our team of fitted kitchen suppliers can offer advice and hands-on support with everything from a full kitchen redesign to a minor facelift – and everything in between. To find out more information or to pick our brains on how best to match our services and fitted kitchen designs with your dreams for the perfect kitchen space, get in touch with us directly or download our brochure.

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