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As the heart of the home, every homeowner, family, and home cook have things they love about their kitchen – and things that they might want to change given the chance.

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A bespoke fitted kitchen in Wickford provides you with the opportunity to not only change elements of your kitchen but to create and design a bespoke setting which enables you to bring to life all your favourite dishes and desserts in a space that you really can call your own.

From integrated storage solutions to kitchen islands, breakfast bars, built-in appliances, and complete aesthetic makeovers, our team of bespoke fitted kitchen suppliers operate in Wickford and beyond – infusing life and innovative design flair into kitchens large and small; of all shapes and sizes.

Why your Wickford home deserves a bespoke kitchen

We all have different ways of using the kitchen, whether it’s somewhere to come together at the start of the day, somewhere where you relax and pummel stress into your cooking and baking, or somewhere to pop open a glass of wine and relax with a friend. A bespoke kitchen allows you to consider all of the little intricacies and details which connect your lifestyle to your kitchen and make changes to the layout and design according to those lifestyle factors and considerations.

It could be in the way you layout the space according to your preferred standing or seating point, and it could be as simple as relocating the sink to enjoy your favourite window view. Whatever it is that makes the kitchen yours, we help you to bring that to life.

And it doesn’t end there. When you work with our fitted kitchen installation team in Wickford, we work hard to source the best materials and ensure that the highest quality of work is carried out throughout the project, leaving you with a functional and user-friendly space which will elevate the value of your property and last for months and even years beyond project completion.

Handleless Kitchens

Introuducing our ultra modern Handleless kitchen ranges.

Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchen doors, drawers and cabinets.

Slab Kitchens

Our slab kitchen ranges offer you a simple yet classy feel.

Traditional Kitchens

Offering something a little more traditional. 

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Things to consider as part of your bespoke kitchen design

Some of the key areas to consider as part of a bespoke kitchen design project include the amount of space you have available, any structural features or properties which impact the layout and the way the space is navigated, and how these features work with and amongst the various fittings. Windows and doors are important things to note in terms of layout, with our kitchen design templates presenting ideas around how to integrate these into your design and balance them out with other design factors and additions.

Other considerations to focus on include appliances and how you will work these into the newly designed space, the placement of external furnishings like tables and chairs, and how you can optimise the use of the space through selected spotlights, under-cabinet lights, and other fittings which complement the room.

For more advice on how our kitchen fitters in Wickford could help you design the perfect kitchen, get in touch with us today.



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